The Report, why not edition

Claude Coupee
Lead Correspondent

I, too, read The Goat’s trenchant analysis of the Saints’ chances in 2012. It makes sense; it is hard to imagine the Patriots winning titles without Bill Belichick, or the Giants winning without Bill Parcells.

But, and I know we stole this from somewhere, if Peyton Manning can lead a Colts team coached by a wax figure of Jim Caldwell to the Super Bowl, why can’t Drew Brees win it all in his home stadium?

Let’s review a few forgotten elements of the bidding, shall we?

First, people seem to be forgetting just how scorched the earth was when the Sains ripped through the NFL in the final 8 games of the regular season in 2011. The 8-0 run included wins over four playff teams while they were a net plus 137 points. Throw in a blowout opening playoff win at home and a loss in a very tough road matchup that by all rights we should have won…..damn. At the end of last season, this was the best team in the NFL on a neutral field.

Second, we replaced Gregg Wiliams at defensive coordinator with Steve Spagnuolo. That’s two wins right there, and a real chance for the promising youth on that side of the ball (CB Patrick Robinson, DLs Junior Galette, Cam Jordan and Tez Wilson, DT Akiem Hicks) to ge a chanve to make plays. We will swe more youth, smarts, stops and turnovers from the defenze this year, as well as at least a smidgen of game and situation management that was tragically missing last year.

Third, although it is a veteran team at this point, no key players are old enough that you worry about sudden dropoff, and the three players we lost….meh. OG Carl Micks will be adequately replaces by Pro Bowler Ben Grubbs, CB Tracy Porter wasn’t going to start anyway, and WR Robert Meachem is a nice player but….let’s just say we will probably figure something out. And we added MLB Curtis Lofton. Net net, we got better in the offaeason.

Fourth, i think a lot of how thia season goes is going to depend on how it starts, and the Saints open Redskins-Panthers-Chiefs-Packers-Chargers-Bucs-Broncos, and there is a good chance of a lot of wins in there.

Last, and again I am not the first persom ever ro point this out, but the mojo favors the Saints this year. They already have the massive chip on their shoulder. But, and i believe it to be even more important, when this particular team makes it into the playoffs, not only will they have the supreme conridence that comes with having met the unique challenge of the regular season, oddly they will have the least pressurw of any of the 12 playoff teams. Thay’s a perfect storm of a mental state to have heading into the NFL playoffs. While there are no guarantees, can you really tell me that there is no way that’s enough to overcome not having Sean Payton on the sidelines?

I am doing my job and telling you this is a 12 win team this year. You can make bank on this. And maybe I can’t make any promises of deep playoff runs, but i’m already excited about tomorrow.

Saints 45, Redskins 17.


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  1. Burma Jones Says:

    We shall prevail because we are awesome and everyone else sucks!

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